Our Church

At RHEMA Word Of Faith Church Redlands we believe in the incredible potential of every human being, and are helping people to discover and develop that potential in all its fullness. Jesus accepted people where they were at and so do we. Your life doesn’t have to be right before you will be accepted into our church. Each person is very precious and has a vital part to play.


Our passion is to help people develop a vibrant relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.

At RHEMA Word Of Faith Church we are called to...

- Proclaim Jesus as Lord and Savior
- Build strong believers
- Help every person find God's will for his or her life
- Demonstrate the victorious Christian life
- Reach out through various community outreaches
- Support missions work around the world


Music Ministry

RHEMA Word Faith Church Redlands is passionate about praise and worship. Something amazing happens when your heart and soul is put into worship. Our desire is to see lives touched, changed and restored by His presence in our anointed times of worship.

Our prayer is that you too would be inspired to worship wholeheartedly and without reserve as the message of God's unfailing love and power is declared through song.

Church Music Band

Children's Ministery
Childrens Ministry

A top priority for us is our Children's Ministry. It’s a place where creativity, biblical education and fun collide. This is KidsZone. While you sit and enjoy being filled up with the Word in the service, you can rest assured that your children are being taught the Word of God that applies to their lives "Now" and have fun doing it.

We are so blessed to have anointed teachers that are absolutely dedicated to the children. With the aid of awesome faith-filled curriculums the teachers purposely invest time building the Word of God into their young lives so they will not only have the wisdom, but also the strength of character to resist and overcome the everyday worldly pressures and temptations they are confronted with, while demonstrating Godly lives that will help shape future generations.


Young Adults Ministry

We believe in the incredible potential of young people, so if you're looking to hang with eagles and leave the chickens in your life behind, then you are at the right place. We're all about living in the "Now" and fulfilling our dreams today.

It is our mission to mobilize a generation that passionately pursues God and equip them to be Kingdom Giants! We are dedicated to empower our youth and young adults to live outrageous lives and be an example in conduct, faith, and purity and see our city impacted for Jesus!

Young Adults Ministry

Womens Ministry
Women In Touch Ministry

Women In Touch Women’s Ministry is a community of women who encourage, challenge, and inspire one another to make a difference in the world. It is designed to bring women of all ages and cultures together so that we can grow deeper in our relationship with Jesus Christ and each other.

Our women are absolutely amazing and we love every single one of you!


Small Groups

It's easy to come to church each week, sit in our same familiar area, worship, hear the Word, and slip out with little human interaction. But Church is also about connecting with other believers!

Everyone will have challenges as they go through the seasons of life. We all need friends who can encourage us. Small Groups provide an avenue to make a connection with other people - people who care.

At Small Groups you get together with people of all ages and backgrounds for fellowship, and expand your knowledge of the Bible through relevant and interesting in-depth study, teaching, and discussion on the Word! You leave renewed in your walk with God and ready to face what happens in life with a fresh confidence.

Group Worship Praise
Prayer Groups

The Holy Spirit is our helper in prayer as we pray for His church, our nation, leaders, and God’s plan for these final days before Jesus’ return. There is a place for you to hook up as you heed the call to pray. The Redlands and Australia needs your prayers and involvement!

"...The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working]."
James 5:16b (Amp)